С фразовыми глаголами нас начинают знакомить на ранних этапах обучения английскому языку. И даже тогда кажется, что невозможно запомнить употребление даже одно-двух глаголов с таким большим количеством предлогов, что уж говорить о десяти или двадцати глаголах! В этом тесте вы найдете фразовые глаголы hold, pay, set, turn, keep, put, а подробней прочитать про эти глаголы вы можете в соответствующих статьях нашего блога:

Фразовые глаголы в английском языке. Тест #2

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

Can you ... a moment! I can’t catch up, you are too fast!

Задание 2.

He had some problem at work but he managed to ... .

Задание 3.

I usually ... my friends in times of trouble.

Задание 4.

If I borrow money from the bank, I will have to ... it ... in 3 months.

Задание 5.

He ... from dogs because he was afraid of them.

Задание 6.

... everything you hear during the interview. It might be important.

Задание 7.

His father ... his business long time ago.

Задание 8.

Alice tried to ... the accident ... .

Задание 9.

I don’t have enough money on my account, I have to ... .

Задание 10.

I waited for an hour but nobody ... .

Задание 11.

I was so sick that I couldn’t ... the food.

Задание 12.

The firemen could not ... the fire till the morning when it started to rain.

Задание 13.

Some vegetables a day won’t ... your hunger.

Задание 14.

The US ... the entire national debt.

Задание 15.

Julia could not ... her tears. That news was really shocking.

Задание 16.

There was nothing I could do to calm the child down, it ... crying.

Задание 17.

I cannot ... his proposal. I have already promised to go out with him.

Задание 18.

If there is a lot of rope ..., the climber will hit the ground.

Задание 19.

As they ... for their picnic, it started to rain.

Задание 20.

... these shoes, they look nice!

Задание 21.

This company ... the most advanced equipment.

Задание 22.

The scientist ... an experiment on animals.

Задание 23.

Don’t ... the lights it’s still day outside.

Задание 24.

Will you ... me ... ? I have no other place to go!

Задание 25.

The police had ... roadblocks to prevent the criminals leaving the area.

Задание 26.

He will work as a janitor until better job ... .

Задание 27.

The doctor told him to ... weight. He is too skinny.

Задание 28.

... the exercise until I come back.

Задание 29.

It’s too loud I barely can hear my own thoughts! Can you ... it ... ?

Задание 30.

My mom wants to ... 100$ a week so that she would be able to afford that trip.

Задание 31.

Our manager ... the idea that we may go to Caribbean on holidays.

Задание 32.

The robbers ... that rich man’s flat and stole all the jewelry!

Задание 33.

I am not going to ... with your outrageous behavior.

Задание 34.

She has a competitive spirit, she always ... with her classmates.

Задание 35.

The problems with visa ... us ... for more than 2 weeks.

Задание 36.

What were you doing yesterday on the phone so long? I called you several time, but couldn’t ... .

Задание 37.

My friend was ... because of the car accident in the city center.

Задание 38.

I can’t believe that you ... me ... ! I should not have trusted you!

Задание 39.

Unfortunately we have to ... our holiday till the next year.

Задание 40.

Doctors failed to ... the epidemic ... . It spread throughout the country soon.

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.