Обратите особое внимание на употребление местоимений в английском языке. Их такое множество, что неудивительно, что мы часто теряемся и не знаем, какой именно нужно употребить сейчас. Данный тест посвящен местоимениям both, either, neither, each, every, one, other, another. Подробно о них вы можете прочитать в статье «Неопределенные местоимения в английском языке – часть 2».

Местоимения в английском языке. Тест #4

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

Jim’s academic record is flawless he didn’t mess up any exams. ... did Tom.

Задание 2.

I’ve just eaten one strawberry and one apple cakes. ... of them were delicious.

Задание 3.

Can you play tennis? – Yes, and I can ... play football.

Задание 4.

Do you know answer to this question? – No, I don’t. Do you? – ... do I.

Задание 5.

I’ve heard many positive feedbacks about those films, but I haven’t seen ... of them.

Задание 6.

... my brothers are carpenters.

Задание 7.

I haven’t spoken to Bill today. Have you? – No, I haven’t spoken to him today ... .

Задание 8.

Penguins can’t fly, and fish can’t ... .

Задание 9.

Michael has 2 sons. ... them can speak well.

Задание 10.

I’ve got ... pepper and salt.

Задание 11.

These suits are quite nice, but ... one fits me well.

Задание 12.

I have forgotten to bring my student’s book so I borrowed one from ... girl.

Задание 13.

Do you want to have a cheeseburger? – Thanks. I have ... .

Задание 14.

Have you seen these books before? – Yes. One of them is mine and ... are Jimmy’s.

Задание 15.

He doesn’t want to wear this T-shirt. Can you bring ... one?

Задание 16.

Why do you have your hair dyed purple on one side and blue on ... ? – You don’t get it! It’s called fashion!

Задание 17.

His brother has got two children. One is a girl and ... is a boy.

Задание 18.

I won’t sell this skirt. I can only exchange it for ... one!

Задание 19.

My brother is so egoistic! He never thinks of ... .

Задание 20.

I can see only one boot on the floor. Where is ... ?

Задание 21.

Stop repeating my ... word!

Задание 22.

The text was really difficult. Only two of us passed it; ... flunked it totally.

Задание 23.

You have to eat fruit at least ... two days.

Задание 24.

Some people can sleep well while ... find it difficult to fall asleep.

Задание 25.

The red dress is less expensive than the blue ... .

Задание 26.

I am sometimes so sentimental. I keep his ... present.

Задание 27.

There is ... likelihood that he will win the race.

Задание 28.

... of them surprised me with their essays. They were all great.

Задание 29.

They have ... taken a sleeping bag with them.

Задание 30.

... cannot but agree that education is our future.

Задание 31.

This cake is ... bit as tasty as the one we bought last week.

Задание 32.

... single time I tried to fall asleep, my neighbors woke me up with loud music!

Задание 33.

... person I met at the conference could speak 3 languages.

Задание 34.

Today it is universally acclaimed truth: ... must study English!

Задание 35.

She bought a new tie and now she is going to buy ... .

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.