Модальные глаголы изучаются на всех ступенях обучения английскому языку, и каждый раз усложняются примеры с их использованием в речи. Если вы хотите усвоить эту тему окончательно, то предлагаем вам тест, но прежде всего еще раз обратите внимание на такие темы, как:

Модальные глаголы в английском языке. Тест #2

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

You’ve been travelling all day. You ... be tired.

Задание 2.

There is nobody at home. They ... out.

Задание 3.

I ... be at the meeting, but I think I’ll go anyway.

Задание 4.

“Is he an honest person?” – “You ... be joking! He is a compulsive liar.”

Задание 5.

You can’t turn here. You ... turn left there.

Задание 6.

The owners ... the window unlocked. Their flat was robbed.

Задание 7.

Applications ... by the 16th of April.

Задание 8.

You ... always wear a life jacket when you go canoeing.

Задание 9.

It’s later than I thought. I ... go.

Задание 10.

I found a wallet on the bench. I ... take it to the police station as soon as possible.

Задание 11.

It’s late. You ... go home as soon as possible.

Задание 12.

“You ... follow a healthy diet,” the doctor said.

Задание 13.

“You ... follow a healthy diet,” my friend said.

Задание 14.

You ... to me for help! But you chose him over me!

Задание 15.

You ... so many apples. I have already bought some.

Задание 16.

“Sorry, I’m late again.” – ”You ... wear a watch.”

Задание 17.

We ... go shopping this week. We’ve got plenty of food.

Задание 18.

“She should be here by now.” – “She ... the train.”

Задание 19.

Kate ... get embarrassed. His remark was not polite.

Задание 20.

You ... here until I return. Don’t go anywhere.

Задание 21.

I hope you won’t tell this to anyone. You ... tell anyone!

Задание 22.

People ... keep their words.

Задание 23.

Their house is really small. They ... change it if they want to live in comfort.

Задание 24.

You ... read 40 pages of the book for your home assignment.

Задание 25.

Well, we’ve got plenty of time. We ... leave yet.

Задание 26.

I ... wear glasses for reading.

Задание 27.

Student’s ... copy other students’ answers during the exam.

Задание 28.

If you want to become an engineer, you ... go to the university.

Задание 29.

She is awfully skinny. She ... keep the diet!

Задание 30.

I ... to the shop so I stayed at home.

Задание 31.

I may ... work late tomorrow evening.

Задание 32.

You ... go to the party. It’s going to be really interesting.

Задание 33.

His landlord asked him to move out so he ... look for a new flat.

Задание 34.

He’s been studying hard for the exam. He ... pass it.

Задание 35.

Pete is a lucky man! He ..., because his mom comes to him and does cooking.

Задание 36.

Yesterday I ... submit all my papers to the embassy.

Задание 37.

You ... touch anything here before the police come.

Задание 38.

You ... money from the bank. I have some.

Задание 39.

Do you think I ... apply for this job?

Задание 40.

Must we hurry? You ... hurry! We are not late yet.

Задание 41.

Jim ... to bed so late.

Задание 42.

Look at his enormous biceps! He ... very strong.

Задание 43.

You missed a great party. You ... . Why didn’t you come?

Задание 44.

Cindy didn’t come to the party last night. She ... about it.

Задание 45.

All staff members ... switch off computers before they leave the office.

Задание 46.

She’s been studying hard for the exam, so she ... pass.

Задание 47.

Liz needs a change. She ... go away for a few days.

Задание 48.

That man on the motorbike ... a helmet.

Задание 49.

You ... fill in this form before I come.

Задание 50.

You ... an umbrella. It didn’t rain at all.