Sleeping beauty or beauty sleep. Поговорим о здоровом сне на английском

Sleeping beauty or beauty sleep. Поговорим о здоровом сне на английском

Мы уже как-то публиковали статью с 3 увлекательными видео на английском языке о сне. В моей статье речь пойдет в основном о здоровых и не очень здоровых привычках сна. Приготовьтесь к большому количеству новой лексики!

Плохие привычки и нарушение сна

Прочтите текст, опираясь на глоссарий под ним.

Some people may have bad habits connected with sleep. We stay up all night if we party with friends from midnight till dawn or if we study hard for a difficult exam. Parents do not sleep a wink if they worry about their children having fun at a party. As a result, we all feel groggy, drowsy, with no energy to work.

Some people have insomnia, they can’t fall asleep easily. They just can’t get comfortable in their beds, they toss and turn all night long. If any noise can wake you up, you are a light sleeper. And if nothing can awake you (even an alarm clock!), then you are a heavy sleeper. Both are not very good for a sound sleep.

Sometimes strange sleep behavior disturbs not the one who has it but his family. For example, snores – loud sounds that a sleeper produces – will keep awake his family. If you drool (sleep like a baby with your mouth open and saliva dribbling out of it), it’s not disturbing but not a beautiful view either. Some people grind their teeth while sleeping – make a terrible scary sound with their teeth. If you are one of those “lucky guys”, go to see a doctor – a dentist at least. Maybe you have problems with your teeth. If you talk in your sleep it can be funny and entertaining, but not in case you speak in a loud voice. If you are a sleepwalker, you walk in sleep or just take an upright position in your bed. That is scary and can be dangerous. Sometimes people sleepwalk and talk while sleeping because they are too tired.

  • to stay up all night – не спать всю ночь;

    He stayed up all night, trying to revise everything before the exam. – Он не спал целую ночь, пытаясь повторить все перед экзаменом.

  • to not sleep a wink – не сомкнуть глаз;

    Where have you been, daughter? I haven’t slept a wink! – Дочка, ты где была? Я глаз не мог сомкнуть.

  • to feel groggy/drowsy – чувствовать себя вялым, не выспавшимся, квелым;

    The party was awesome but I feel so groggy now. – Вечеринка была классная, но я чувствую себя таким не выспавшимся сейчас.

  • to be a light sleeper/heavy sleeper – чутко спать, просыпаться от любого шороха / спать беспробудно;

    Try not to make any noise. Kathryn is a light sleeper. – Постарайся не шуметь. Кейтрин просыпается от любого шороха.

  • snore (to snore) – храп (храпеть);

    My father snores loudly, so my mum prefers to sleep in the living room. – Мой отец громко храпит, поэтому мама предпочитает спать в гостиной.

  • to drool – выделять/пускать слюну;

    The baby was drooling in sleep. – Ребенок пускал слюнку во время сна.

  • to grind one’s teeth – скрежетать во сне зубами;

    John grinds his teeth and sometimes wakes himself up with that sound. – Джон скрежещет зубами и иногда просыпается от этого звука.

  • to get comfortable – найти удобное положение дня сна;

    Lily never can get comfortable in bed the night before exam. – Лили никогда не может найти удобное положение для сна перед экзаменом.

  • to toss and turn – ворочаться с бока на бок;

    I tossed and turned all night, I hardly slept a wink. – Я всю ночь ворочался с бока на бок, я едва ли сомкнул глаза.

  • to have insomnia – страдать от бессонницы;

    People who have insomnia need to change their bedtime ritual. – Людям, которые страдают бессонницей, нужно по-другому готовиться ко сну.

  • to talk while sleeping, to talk in one’s sleep – говорить во сне;

    Susanne has been studying hard for her exam and now she is talking in her sleep! – Сьюзен усердно готовилась к экзамену, и теперь она разговаривает во сне!

  • to sleepwalk – ходить во сне (страдать лунатизмом).

    I am afraid to stay with my brother alone, sometimes he can sleepwalk. I do not think it is normal. – Я боюсь оставаться наедине со своим братом, он иногда ходит во сне. Я не думаю, что это нормально.

Здоровый сон: как хорошенько выспаться ночью

Прочтите текст, проверьте понимание по глоссарию внизу.

How to recharge batteries and have a good rest? If it’s a weekend, do not set your alarm for an early hour – try waking up in a natural way. If you are an early bird, you will wake up early anyway, and if you are a night owl, give your body a chance to relax. Just don’t push yourself to get up at the crack of dawn (very early) even if you have a lot to do. Generally we all need 8 hours to recharge completely and get energy for a new day. That is what doctors call “a beauty sleep”.

However, once a week you can enjoy and sleep in (stay in bed) a little longer. Especially if you had a hard week, and yesterday you hit the hay immediately. If you are tired, you will sleep like a log, nothing can disturb your sweet dreams. Yawn and stretch in bed to feel wide awake and full of energy. During the day take a catnap, or siesta as Spanish people say. Sleep for an hour in the daytime as we all did in childhood. And if tomorrow you have to work, keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet – this atmosphere will help you to sleep soundly (healthily). Kiss your family to sleep – make them smile. Nighty night!

  • to recharge batteries – «перезарядить батарейки», хорошенько отдохнуть и выспаться;

    I’m so tired, I need to recharge batteries. – Я так устал, мне надо хорошо выспаться.

  • to set alarm for – завести будильник на;

    I’m used to set alarm for 7.30, at 8.00 I go to work. – Я привык заводить будильник на 7:30, в 8:00 я иду на работу.

  • to be an early bird – быть жаворонком;

    If you are an early bird, you are very productive in the first part of the day. – Если вы жаворонок, то вы очень продуктивны в первой половине дня.

  • to be a night owl – быть совой;

    I’m a typical night owl – I feel great, I can go in for sport or write an article while some other people go to bed. – Я типичная сова: я чувствую себя замечательно, могу заняться спортом или написать статью, когда остальные люди ложатся спать.

  • at the crack of dawn – ни свет ни заря, с первыми лучами солнца;

    It’s nice to wake up at the crack of dawn – the world is so quiet. – Хорошо просыпаться с первыми лучами солнца – мир такой тихий.

  • a beauty sleep – «сон красоты» – 8-ми часовой здоровый сон;

    If you want to stay young and beautiful, you need a beauty sleep, it’s good for skin. – Если ты хочешь оставаться молодой и красивой, тебе нужен 8-ми часовой здоровый сон, он очень полезен для кожи.

  • to sleep in – поспать подольше;

    My brother likes to sleep in at weekends, but today he has got up at 3 p.m.! – Мой брат любит поспать подольше на выходных, но сегодня он встал в 3 часа дня!

  • to hit the hay – завалиться спать;

    All what I want after a hard day is to hit the hay. – Все, чего я хочу после тяжелого дня, так это завалиться спать.

  • to sleep like a log – спать как бревно, «без задних ног»;

    Peter slept like a log and did not hear how somebody broke into his house. – Питер спал без задних ног и не слышал, как кто-то проник в дом.

  • to yawn – зевать;

    Stop yawning! We are on a conference! – Перестань зевать! Мы на конференции!

  • to stretch – потягиваться;

    Stretching in bed after waking up has positive effect on the back. – Потягивания в кровати после сна хорошо воздействует на спину.

  • to take/have a catnap – вздремнуть в дневное время;

    Maybe I will take a catnap before my trip. – Может быть, я вздремну перед поездкой.

  • to sleep soundly – спать крепко, здоровым сном;

    She slept soundly, nothing could disturb her. – Она крепко спала, ничто не могло ее потревожить.

  • to kiss someone to sleep – поцеловать перед сном;

    Go and kiss daughter to sleep, she will be happy. – Пойди поцелуй дочку перед сном, она будет рада.

  • Nighty night! – Баиньки!, Спокойной ночи!

    Nighty night, my sweet little baby. – Спокойной ночи, мой маленький сладенький малыш.

А теперь тест – стоит ли вам поменять свои «сонные» привычки ?

  1. Have you ever had insomnia?
    A) Yes, I have it regularly.
    B) Well, I have it sometimes, usually before an important event.
    C) No, I have never had insomnia.
  2. How many times a week you can stay up all night?
    A) I don’t know, 3 to 4, I have very active nightlife.
    B) Maybe once a week if I go out with friends.
    C) I’m too old for this, where is my pajamas?
  3. Do you often wake up at the crack of dawn?
    A) Practically every day, I have to wake up early to travel to work.
    B) Sometimes, but for special occasions, not because I want to.
    C) A few times a week, I’m an early bird I enjoy early mornings.
  4. Do you ever snore?
    A) Yes, and it disturbs my family and me. I do not know what to do.
    B) Sometimes, but it doesn’t happen all the time, take my word for it.
    C) Hardly ever. No. I think. Ask my wife/husband
  5. Have you ever sleeptalked/sleepwalked?
    A) Yes, it happens all the time.
    B) Once my friends told me that I have sleeptalked/sleepwalked…
    C) What is this?
  6. Do you grind your teeth sometimes?
    A) From time to time.
    B) Only when electricity bills come – but I don’t sleep at the moment :-)
    C) No, I don’t think I do…
  7. If you are tired, you:
    A) don’t sleep a wink.
    B) toss and turn but finally fall asleep.
    C) sleep like a log.
  8. Do you have catnaps at the weekends?
    A) Noooo, I’m busy with housework.
    B) Maybe sometimes, on a rainy day.
    C) Aww, I like catnaps. I think it’s nice and healthy.
  9. Do you have nightmares/bad dreams?
    A) Yes, at times the dreams are not bad but just crazy…
    B) Very seldom. But if I do, believe me, they are really spooky…
    C) I don’t have dreams. I sleep like a log.
  10. Now tell the truth: do you feel groggy on Monday?
    A) Ah, yes. I’m not a morning person. What’s more, I’m not a Monday person neither…
    B) It depends. Sometimes I feel like zombie, but usually I’m Ok.
    C) Mondays make no difference to me, like any other day I feel fresh.


More A: Oh, boy, you need to change a lot in your bedtime routine. Now you live your life to the full, but you already have negative signs. Change your habits: try to sleep longer or check out you time-management. It’s high time to go healthy.

More B: There’s nothing wrong about your bedtime habits, but sometimes you can have health problems because of little sleep. In general, you know your problems and you keep a good balance in life.

More C: Lucky you! You have a beauty sleep, you enjoy your life and sleep disorders do not bother you. Keep going!

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