Испокон веков (since the dawn of time) человек ищет способы добраться за короткое время до нужного места и придумывает разные виды транспорта. Наконец появляется personal chariot – автомобиль! Но для него необходимо топливо (fuel). В погоне за топливом для автомобиля человечество разрушает мир.

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  1. Match the words and phrases in the box with their meaning:
    1 Since the dawn of time a A great enthusiasm or liking for something / a romantic relationship
    2 Catapult b A material (such as coal, oil, or gas) that is burned to produce heat or power
    3 Barrow c Since the beginning of time
    4 Personal chariot d A Y-shaped implement used for shooting small stones, etc
    5 Plentiful e A cart with two wheels that is pushed or pulled
    6 To run out f Present in large amounts
    7 Inaccurate g To exhaust (a supply of something) or (of a supply) to become exhausted
    8 Solar h Of or relating to the sun
    9 Brief i Inexact
    10 Success j Short in duration
    11 To use up k (here) Another phrase for «the car»
    12 Fuel l To consume, to use completely
    13 Love affair m The correct or desired result of an attempt

  2. Decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F):
    1. Since the dawn of time people have been going from A to B. They always try to do it slower.
    2. Men’s personal chariot is the barrow.
    3. At first fuel was very expensive.
    4. Driving was fun.
    5. The petrol never ran out.
    6. People tried to drive rocket cars.
    7. When people used up all the gas, they went solar, organic, nuclear etc.
    8. Water tuned out to be rather effective.
    9. When everything was used up, people gave up.
    10. At last people invented the car that ran on rocks.
  3. Complete the sentences with the word from the box:
    1 Fun a Fuel was cheap and ___.
    2 Affair b He enjoyed driving. It was ___.
    3 On c The petrol went ___.
    4 Out d We used ___ all the gas.
    5 Plentiful e There was no fuel ___.
    6 Up f The love ___ didn’t end.
    7 Left g The car ran ___ gas.
  4. Translate the sentences using the words and phrases from Ex. 1:
    1. Испокон веков люди пытаются найти способ перемещаться быстрее.
    2. Сначала топливо было в избытке, но потом иссякло.
    3. Будет неточностью сказать, что их роман окончен.
    4. Люди израсходовали все топливо.

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