Greetings! Today on “How to destroy the world” we are looking at computer games (Здравствуйте! Сегодня в передаче «Как разрушить мир» мы рассмотрим компьютерные игры). Чтобы уйти от грубой реальности (brutish reality), люди придумали (invented) компьютерные игры, в которых много драк и веселья, но никто не умирает (all the fighting, all the fun, but none of the death). Однако люди не учли, что в то время как все счастливо живут онлайн (everyone is living happily online), реальный мир может перестать существовать (the real world can cease to exist).


  1. How do you spend your free time? Do you or your friends play computer games? How often?
  2. Match the words and their definitions:
    1 Nasty (adj) a Cruel
    2 Brutish (adj) b Thank God!
    3 Escape from (v) c Killer
    4 Thank goodness! d Unpleasant, dangerous, or painful
    5 Ogre (n) e Causing great interest or excitement
    6 Slayer (n) f To run away
    7 Sword (n) g To come to an end
    8 Exciting (adj) h To be
    9 Abandoned (adj) i A giant, usually given to eating human flesh
    10 Cease (v) j To become very weak or ill
    11 Exist (v) k Deserted
    12 To fade away l A weapon with a long metal blade and a handle

  3. Mark the sentences true (T) or false (F):
    1. Life’s always been nasty, brutish and long.
    2. Computer games were invented as a way to escape from everyday reality.
    3. Nowadays life is still stressful.
    4. Susie becomes a space princess in digital world.
    5. Online Frank is ogre, slayer of mammoth.
    6. Ogre has his own pub, magic sword, but he hates fighting.
    7. The digital world is far more exciting than the real world.
    8. The real world ceases to exist.
  4. Match A and B to make phrases, translate them into Russian and use in your own sentences:
    to fade
    to escape
    the whole
    cease to

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