Сослагательное наклонение или Subjunctive Mood – это грамматическая категория, которая относится к глаголу. С помощью сослагательного наклонения мы выражаем наше отношение к настоящему «Ах, если бы…», «Как хотелось бы…», «Жаль…» и другие. Обратите внимание на статьи нашего блога «Сослагательное наклонение в английском языке» и «Употребление сослагательного наклонения в английском языке», надеемся, они помогут вам успешно пройти следующий тест.

Сослагательное наклонение в английском языке

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

I feel so desperate. I wish there ... a way out!

Задание 2.

Paul doesn’t have a lot of friends. But if you ... him better, you would understand how amicable he really is.

Задание 3.

I think my mother would be disappointed if I ... my lessons.

Задание 4.

This phone doesn’t work at all! I wish I ... it!

Задание 5.

But for his rudeness, he ... to this position.

Задание 6.

... you care for a full explanation, you know where you can find me.

Задание 7.

The weather is perfect. I wish you ... here with me!

Задание 8.

I am exhausted! We have been walking for hours. If only we ... a car!

Задание 9.

It is of a vital importance that he ... the entire truth however you don’t like it.

Задание 10.

The weather is awful, it rained all the week! If only it ... every day!

Задание 11.

I know you want to go to foreign country, but soon you will wish you ... back in your native city.

Задание 12.

My teacher would have been mad at me if I ... the essay.

Задание 13.

Vicky suggested they ... to the cinema if they come to NY.

Задание 14.

The teacher advised that the girl ... to a music school.

Задание 15.

What a pity you ... ill!

Задание 16.

If I were you, I ... this work at once.

Задание 17.

The situation is awful! I wish I ... how to deal with that!

Задание 18.

Jenny looked at him as if she ... him for the first.

Задание 19.

She spoke English so well as though she ... to England several times.

Задание 20.

If only I ... it then!

Задание 21.

It’s high time he ... his homework.

Задание 22.

You’d better ... her alone.

Задание 23.

It’s necessary that the students ... in all kinds of competitions.

Задание 24.

But for you, I ... my work.

Задание 25.

It ... a great pleasure to help her!

Задание 26.

Had I seen him yesterday, I ... him about it.

Задание 27.

If I were you, I ... to bed earlier before the exam yesterday.

Задание 28.

I feared that I ... disturb them.

Задание 29.

If I hadn’t moved to the US, I ... live in my mother’s flat.

Задание 30.

It’s desirable that she ... at the dance studio at 4.

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