Насколько хорошо вы знаете «Указательные местоимения», «Вопросительные местоимения», «Относительные местоимения»? Точно не можете сказать? А хотите узнать? Тогда вам нужно пройти тест на указанные выше темы и оценить уровень владения данным материалом. Удачи!

Местоимения в английском языке. Тест #2

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

Dear Maggie, when you read ... message I will be already on the board of plane.

Задание 2.

The jury had to decide why he had committed ... crime.

Задание 3.

I am so excited! I can’t wait to see a new play at our theatre. ... is an adaptation of Rachel Sparks novel.

Задание 4.

He saw a bike across the road. ... was a red Honda.

Задание 5.

I’ve been looking for some good articles for my report. But ... are difficult to find.

Задание 6.

Can’t you throw away ... shoes over there? They smell awful!

Задание 7.

I’ve been to Florida but I couldn’t work under ... weather conditions.

Задание 8.

Allow me to introduce my wife. ... is Carol.

Задание 9.

Peter likes his childhood. He always recollects ... days with a smile on his face.

Задание 10.

I think I won’t go abroad ... year.

Задание 11.

... taken my toothbrush again?

Задание 12.

This is the man ... wallet we have found.

Задание 13.

This phone is easy to use and ... one is less expensive.

Задание 14.

... are my new friends – Toby and Jeremy.

Задание 15.

... got in that awful car accident?

Задание 16.

Do you mind me closing ... window in the far end of the room?

Задание 17.

... of them is a doctor?

Задание 18.

... wrote 10 articles?

Задание 19.

... book are you carrying?

Задание 20.

... are you doing here?

Задание 21.

... was written in this message?

Задание 22.

I knew a boy ... was from Italy.

Задание 23.

They came to cheer me up ... was very nice of them.

Задание 24.

That is not ... I wanted. I wanted a toy, not a bike.

Задание 25.

The woman ... is speaking to mr. Smith is my mother.

Задание 26.

The phone ... I lost was really expensive.

Задание 27.

There is the boy ... we met last Friday evening.

Задание 28.

The CDs ... are on the sofa should be returned to Bill.

Задание 29.

This is the best picture ... I have ever seen.

Задание 30.

The boy ... is standing next to the shop assistant is my friend.

Задание 31.

... appointed her to be our leader is unknown.

Задание 32.

The bags ... I bought last week are very expensive.

Задание 33.

The book ... you advised me to read was very interesting.

Задание 34.

These are the earrings ... I got for my birthday.

Задание 35.

He gave me a helping hand ... was very kind of him!

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.