Английские наречия too / enough употребляются согласно определенным правилам. Too обозначает «слишком», enough – «достаточно». Но чтобы выбрать правильное место для этих наречий в английском предложении, знать только перевод этих слов не достаточно, или слишком мало. :-)

В статье Употребление too / enough подробно описаны правила употребления этих наречий, а данный тест поможет закрепить полученные знания.

Выполнить Тест на наречия too / enough

  1. The bag is not … for me to buy.

  2. We don’t have … to make the cake.

  3. The fate was … to this brave warrior.

  4. You can get to the city centre …

  5. You put … in your soup. Sorry, I won’t eat it.

  6. The story ends … to be read to our children.

  7. This decision is … to think about it for some more days.

  8. The building of the cathedral was … to be restored after the bombing.

  9. The interviewee spoke … about himself and nobody liked him.

  10. The boy didn’t have … to lift the rucksack.

  11. The nightmare I had last night was … for me to ever forget.

  12. Fast food has … to be eaten every day.

  13. She was full of new ideas and could share them with anyone who didn’t have …

  14. Let’s go out! The rain is not … for us to stay indoors.

  15. Vanessa is … to find a well-paid job.

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