Времена группы Past необходимо очень хорошо знать, потому что в речи очень часто их используем. Поэтому этим темам на занятиях обычно отводится много времени. Проверьте еще раз свои знания благодаря тесту «Тест на времена группы Past». В этом вам поможет материал, представленный в следующих статьях:

Времена группы Past

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

I saw Jim at the train station. He ... for his business partner to arrive from NY.

Задание 2.

When he was single he ... to Spain every winter, but now he has to go to France with his wife and children.

Задание 3.

In 1939 the Second World War ... .

Задание 4.

His grandmother died last night. She ... from cancer for more than a year.

Задание 5.

Hardly ... the door when the phone rang.

Задание 6.

I ... a shower when somebody knocked on my door.

Задание 7.

He was put behind bars because he ... the police officer.

Задание 8.

They ... their last winter holiday in Italy.

Задание 9.

At three o’clock yesterday afternoon they ... at an outdoor café.

Задание 10.

First, he ... the message. Then, he ... his boss to inform him about the accident.

Задание 11.

Kim looked tired this morning. She ... all night long.

Задание 12.

They ... the window when it ... to rain.

Задание 13.

People ... by carriage in those days.

Задание 14.

She ... a car, while he ... the guitar.

Задание 15.

He ... when he ... on a banana skin.

Задание 16.

Clark Gable ... in a number of successful films.

Задание 17.

Bob was really happy! He ... an important contract.

Задание 18.

She ... in her bed when she ... a sudden noise.

Задание 19.

She ... out a lot when she was younger.

Задание 20.

I ... for 11 hours, so I felt really exhausted!

Задание 21.

He ... Las Vegas last year.

Задание 22.

Andy’s hands ... as he crept silently into the empty house.

Задание 23.

They ... camping by the lake last month.

Задание 24.

First she ... the driver, then she ... of the taxi.

Задание 25.

She ... work before she met her friends.

Задание 26.

The armchair ... brand new because Set ... it.

Задание 27.

They ... for a house for six months before they ... that one.

Задание 28.

Davis was so annoyed! He ... at the airport for more than 3 hours in vain!

Задание 29.

The sun ... as Mike ... down the country lane.

Задание 30.

John ... his flat and ... the door.

Задание 31.

By the time we got home the film ... .

Задание 32.

The restaurant was packed last night. Luckily, I ... a table in advance.

Задание 33.

I know Jane will soon ... contact lenses.

Задание 34.

What ... you ... at half past six yesterday?

Задание 35.

I ... some paper works when the lights went out.

Задание 36.

We were walking through the woods when we ... a gunshot.

Задание 37.

She ... to living by the sea, but she is used to it now.

Задание 38.

She ... walking long distances. She walked 3 miles a day.

Задание 39.

When I was a little girl my father ... always read us a bedtime story.

Задание 40.

I know that man. He ... to work for me.

Задание 41.

I don’t mind walking. I ... to it.

Задание 42.

He didn’t like using computers at first, but he ... to it.

Задание 43.

When I was a small girl we ... a pet dog.

Задание 44.

By the time we got to the party, everybody ... it.

Задание 45.

I ... down the street when I ran into an old friend of mine.