Лексика по теме “Crime and Punishment” («Преступление и наказание») может вызвать трудности у изучающих английский язык из-за большого количества терминов и названий. Так, слова вор, грабитель имеют такие эквиваленты: thief (общее слово для вор), burglar (взломщик, ночной грабитель), mugger (уличный грабитель), robber (грабитель, совершающий преступление в присутствии жертвы), looter (мародёр), pickpocket (вор-карманник), shoplifter (магазинный вор) и т. д. Необходимо также запомнить достаточно большое количество фразовых глаголов, связанных с темой. Например: to be charged with (обвиняться в чем-либо), to be accused of (быть обвиненным в чем-либо), to be found guilty (признать виновным), to be sentenced to (быть приговоренным к …) и т. д. Мы рекомендуем выучить все слова и выражения в нашей статье «Преступление на английском языке», а потом пройти следующий тест на их знание:

Выполнить Тест на тему «Преступление и наказание» (Crime and Punishment)

  1. He ... the girl, threatening with a knife.

  2. Kate was ashamed of ... money from her father’s purse.

  3. There was neither intent nor malice on her side, so it is ... .

  4. Do you have a fancy for ... stories?

  5. … is the most general word for a person, who advises people about laws.

  6. A lawyer who mainly works in the office is called a (an) ... .

  7. She was tortured by ... .

  8. People said that the heavy losses were the manager’s ... .

  9. The jury acquitted him, because his ... was not proved.

  10. She was ... by a man who threatened to tell her employer about her past.

  11. The ... had a knife so she gave him her bag.

  12. Department stores lose millions from ... .

  13. He ... his father’s signature on 20 000 pounds worth of cheques.

  14. When you travel on public transport, always keep your bag carefully closed in case of ... .

  15. Eventually they manage to reach a (an) ... .

  16. The judge gave him a suspended ... .

  17. ... exists in some parts of the USA.

  18. It was decided that Timothy was innocent and he was ... .

  19. The judge agreed to ... her on bail.

  20. The ... found Jones guilty.

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