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Местоимение – это самостоятельная часть речи, и о значении местоимения можно догадаться по его названию – оно употребляется вместо имени существительного. Изучение местоимения происходит на одном из первых занятий по английскому языку, так как это основа почти любого предложения. В этом тесте вы сможете проверить, насколько хорошо вы знаете следующие темы:

Местоимения в английском языке. Тест #1

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

I don’t know where ... workbook is! Have you seen it?

Задание 2.

Why not consult Vicky and ask ... for a useful tip?

Задание 3.

Jeremy was a good friend of ... .

Задание 4.

She closed the door behind ... .

Задание 5.

You are not responsible for the car accident and you should not blame ... for it.

Задание 6.

Are these ... pens?

Задание 7.

Jenny was exhausted after several hours in a gym. ... could hardly move a finger.

Задание 8.

I didn’t enjoy working for a big company. I would rather work for ... .

Задание 9.

I gave her my telephone number and she gave ... hers.

Задание 10.

I am not allowed to play with ... .

Задание 11.

I haven’t seen this man before. Do you know ... name?

Задание 12.

It’s ... problem, not ours!

Задание 13.

My flat is smaller than hers, but ... is less expensive.

Задание 14.

Have you seen Michael? I need to talk to ... .

Задание 15.

The party was awesome! He really enjoyed ... .

Задание 16.

That girl gave ... the wrong address just to make fun of me.

Задание 17.

I believe that today young people have a lot of wrong models. They should think for ... .

Задание 18.

You should not upset Jack. Give ... his money back as soon as possible.

Задание 19.

I hate doing all the washing-ups ... .

Задание 20.

Andrea is divorced. ... former husband works for an IT company.

Задание 21.

I don’t need my books back. You can have ... .

Задание 22.

I need ten minutes to dress ... .

Задание 23.

I want ... to give me a lift.

Задание 24.

Well, we’ll wait and see what happens. The history tends to repeat ... .

Задание 25.

My mother doesn’t often buy clothes; she is skillful enough to make them ... .

Задание 26.

I envy Jessica, she can cut her hair ... .

Задание 27.

Our parents used to grow vegetables and fruit ... .

Задание 28.

Megan has a habit of talking ... .

Задание 29.

My friend Rob never allows me to pay for ... .

Задание 30.

Have a nice trip, Jim! Take care of ... !

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

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