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Артикль в английском языке часто представляет определенные трудности для русскоговорящих учеников, т. к. в русском языке нет такой части речи, как артикль. С этой темой ученики сталкиваются как на начальном уровне изучения, так и на более продвинутой ступени. Основной стратегией для понимания этого явления и лучшего усвоения материала является многократность повторения, поэтому предлагаем вам пройти еще один тест на употребления артикля.

Предварительно будет полезно повторить такие темы, как:

Артикли в английском языке. Тест #1

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

What’ happened, ... captain?

Задание 2.

“Where is Jack?” “I talked to him half ... minute ago. He is in the garden”.

Задание 3.

... love is cruel!

Задание 4.

He drank a lot of ... coffee when he was younger.

Задание 5.

I’ve decided to write ... book about my past.

Задание 6.

My favorite book is “... Spartacus”.

Задание 7.

When does ... school usually end?

Задание 8.

... Princess Diana passed away at ... very early age.

Задание 9.

I am from ... Ukraine.

Задание 10.

Tomas Bergman, ... English teacher, studied Cockney Rhyming slang in London.

Задание 11.

He goes to work by ... train.

Задание 12.

This is ... shop I told you about.

Задание 13.

Could you be so kind as to turn off ... light?

Задание 14.

This is ... big shoe selling center. ... center is very popular with people.

Задание 15.

... mosquitos are dangerous insects.

Задание 16.

Young people like walking in ... center of St. Petersburg.

Задание 17.

If you take ... right turn you’ll get lost!

Задание 18.

His birthday is on ... 2nd of April.

Задание 19.

Would you like ... cup of tea?

Задание 20.

This is ... most interesting book I have ever read.

Задание 21.

... mile consists of 1609 meters.

Задание 22.

The weather was great so we decided to go to ... park we love so much.

Задание 23.

Some verbs are never used in ... Passive Voice.

Задание 24.

This is ... nice picture.

Задание 25.

He turned ... politician when he grew up.

Задание 26.

He was ... honest man that is why people liked him.

Задание 27.

... doctor should be calm and patient.

Задание 28.

... dog is ... man’s best friend.

Задание 29.

Such ... beautiful lie you have just told us! I don’t believe you!

Задание 30.

There was ... egg on the kitchen table.

Задание 31.

I’d like to buy ... new coffee-machine.

Задание 32.

There were ... blood drops everywhere on the floor.

Задание 33.

My friend John buys ... new car twice ... year! He is so rich!

Задание 34.

Half of ... population of American countries is unemployed.

Задание 35.

It’s too high ... price! I can’t afford to buy it.

Задание 36.

Oscar Wild, ... father of Aesthetic movement, was ... person of paradoxes.

Задание 37.

... Queen is ... very popular rock-group.

Задание 38.

“Have you heard ... new album of ... Rolling Stones? It’s fantastic!”

Задание 39.

He covered half of ... distance in no time! He is so fast!

Задание 40.

“Would you like some coffee?” “Yes, with ... double cream, please!”

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