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Как и в русском языке, в английском есть три времени: настоящее, прошедшее и будущее, то, что мы называем Present, Past, Future. А вот чего нет в русском языке, так это аспектов времени – Simple (Простое), Continuous (Продолжительное), Perfect (Совершенное) и Perfect Continuous (Совершенное продолжительное). Играя тремя временами и четырьмя аспектами времени, мы и строим все времена – Tenses в английском языке. На нашем сайте вы найдете три теста, каждый из которых посвящен определенному времени – Present tenses, Past tenses и Future tenses. Данный тест сфокусирован на всех настоящих временах:

Времена группы Present

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

Paul isn’t a very honest person. That is why when he speaks nobody ... him.

Задание 2.

He ... sports cars.

Задание 3.

Bill, your hair looks wet. What ... all morning in the rain?

Задание 4.

Gill can’t do the dishes right now because she ... now.

Задание 5.

Don’t mess with that liquid! It ... some poisonous acid!

Задание 6.

... it difficult to concentrate on your work with this music on?

Задание 7.

I ... English much better now that we have a new teacher.

Задание 8.

Can she ... with me, please?

Задание 9.

He denied having broken the vase, but I still ... to believe him.

Задание 10.

He found a new job in China. He ... to move to China because he is fond of their lifestyle.

Задание 11.

... you ever ... to LA?

Задание 12.

Where have you been? I ... from you for ages!

Задание 13.

I think you ... silly! You should take all the medicine the doctor has prescribed.

Задание 14.

I ... what you are talking about.

Задание 15.

They sent me two postcards; neither of which ... .

Задание 16.

I have just sent my application form, now I ... for their answer.

Задание 17.

I ... to getting up early.

Задание 18.

Their flat looks so modern! – They ... twice a year.

Задание 19.

You ... about my handwriting! Stop it!

Задание 20.

The US space shuttle Atlantis ... safely to earth.

Задание 21.

... you ever ... him ashamed?

Задание 22.

After Margery ..., she will be spending six month in Europe.

Задание 23.

He’s confused. He ... to solve the problem all morning.

Задание 24.

I ... she is Russian.

Задание 25.

Jim ... 20 essays so far.

Задание 26.

Your perfume ... nice! What is it?

Задание 27.

Mary ... to the life in the city. She has just moved from her native village.

Задание 28.

The soup ... delicious!

Задание 29.

I used to work in a shop, but now I ... in an office.

Задание 30.

They ... friends for 10 years.

Задание 31.

He is so dirty! He ... football all morning.

Задание 32.

They ... since last April.

Задание 33.

I ... to Paris 3 times.

Задание 34.

Where do you want to go this summer? – I ... about Italy.

Задание 35.

I ... my GP today. I can’t go with you.

Задание 36.

It ... for hours! I wish it would stop.

Задание 37.

He ... lunch now.

Задание 38.

Cathy ... detective stories.

Задание 39.

More wild animals ... extinct these days.

Задание 40.

Emily never ... horror films.

Задание 41.

Merry ... her son’s forehead.

Задание 42.

Jim ... vegetables for 2 hours.

Задание 43.

She ... three letters this morning.

Задание 44.

Who ... my personal letters all the time?

Задание 45.

... you ... for a long time? No, I just came here.

Задание 46.

He is tired. He ... hard.

Задание 47.

You must always ... yourself at school!

Задание 48.

Water ... at 100ºC.

Задание 49.

She ... three foreign languages.

Задание 50.

That dog ... its bowl with dog’s food.

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

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