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Союз – это служебная часть речи, которая связывает части сложного предложения или однородные члены предложения. Сами по себе они не вызывают трудностей, главное – выучить, как они переводятся, но их употребление и место в предложении могут вызывать затруднения. Предлагаем вам еще раз перечитать материалы по этой теме на нашем сайте:

После этого пройти следующий тест вам не составит никакого труда.

Союзы в английском предложении

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

My friend says she would like to become ... a famous singer or a doctor.

Задание 2.

I can't help you ... you tell me what's wrong.

Задание 3.

My mum was really exhausted. She looked ... she was about to pass out.

Задание 4.

I learned how to swim … I was a little girl.

Задание 5.

I was so angry with her that I ... wrote her ... phoned.

Задание 6.

... Kate and Jim were late.

Задание 7.

The water of the lake was deep, ... clear.

Задание 8.

She missed the train ... her door lock broke down.

Задание 9.

The party will start at 11.30 ... the presentation finishes.

Задание 10.

I won’t help you ... you will be able to deal with this problem by yourself.

Задание 11.

... I were you, I’d listen to your mum, she is right.

Задание 12.

Even ... you think you are right, you should not have been rude to her.

Задание 13.

He can’t help you ... you tell him what really happened.

Задание 14.

The more she acted like that ... more I wanted to punch her.

Задание 15.

She came home earlier ... she would have more time to finish the project.

Задание 16.

I couldn’t help ... wonder where she got that information.

Задание 17.

I need to go to the baker’s ... the bank.

Задание 18.

... you look at it, it’s a nagging problem of the 21st century.

Задание 19.

... you go right now, ... you will stay at home!

Задание 20.

Employees will have to decide ... to accept the offer or not.

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