В английском языке много наречий. Большинство из них подчиняются определенным правилам, которые вы можете прочитать в нашей статье «Место наречия в английском предложении», однако с наречиями also, as well, either, neither, so, such все немного сложнее. Прежде чем преступить к выполнению этого теста, советуем вам еще раз перечитать статьи «Наречия also, as well, either, neither в английском языке» и «Употребление so/such».

Наречия also, as well, either, neither, so, such в английском языке

Выберите правильный вариант

Задание 1.

I’ve got a lot of toys! – I have a lot of them ... .

Задание 2.

He didn’t like the film. It was ... a boring story!

Задание 3.

... of films appealed to me. They were really boring.

Задание 4.

I am not ... a fool to believe him.

Задание 5.

She doesn’t like Indian food. – Really? I don’t like it ... .

Задание 6.

The rain was ... strong that I barely could see my hands!

Задание 7.

Do you have a flat or a room? – ... I have a detached house.

Задание 8.

He has not only done Maths, but ... written an essay.

Задание 9.

Please, don’t drive ... fast! I am afraid of speed.

Задание 10.

There is no other way! You are ... with us or against us!

Задание 11.

Our teacher is great! I like her! – Yes, she is. I like her ... .

Задание 12.

He hasn’t heard me ... .

Задание 13.

I am the one child in my family. I have ... brothers, ... sisters.

Задание 14.

I would ... like to point out that we don’t have much time, we have to hurry up.

Задание 15.

She is ... good to be true!